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Lady Fuzzingtons Launch, Anti Stonefest Cheesefest and Ninja Poison Taster


Hi all, this weekends fun for all those that are possibly insane and OVER 18 includes the launch party of Lady Fuzzingtons, The Anti Stonefest Cheese fest and Ninja Poison Taster. all this at the unbelievable STILL STAYING OPEN AND NOT CLOSING DOWN toast.

Lady Fuzzingtons for those of you who havn't already been there is a new clothes store in the civic bus interchange, just down from the pheonix and shooters, the launch party is TONIGHT and features live bands and a dj. wackyness starts at 8 and there is freestuff for the first 100 people that grace our pressence........ we also have ZIM!

the Anti Stonefest Cheese Fest. well that pretty much sums that one up, lots of videos, dancing, singing along and general good fun to stuff that should only ever be played once a month or at your parents 50th birthdays while your hammered with stories about when they were growing up.......... oh the dread.

Ninja Poison Taster, a manga theme party featuring some of Canberras legendery DJ's Adam Wesley of Heaven fame will again grace the decks, as will LJ and Toast regular Alistair (recovering from the evilness of stonefest i dare say), Ben Hardrew and Dale Baldwin. please come in costume if you like and expect to see everything from Macross Plus to Ninja Scroll on a big screen.

please remember to bring your ID and have fun.
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