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Ghibli screening at National Library - Also, hello ^-^

Hey everyone, I don't know how active this community is but I thought I'd put this out anyway. By the way, Hey, I'm Kesa [not my real name :P]. I'm sixteen and a big anime fan. Nice to meet everyone :)

Anyway, the Japanese Embassy is apparently doing a screening of a few Studio Ghibli movies at the end of the month, at the National Library of Australia. More information here. In summary, they're showing Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind on Thursday February 25 at 6:30, Kiki's Delivery Service on Friday the 26th at 6:30, and Howl's Moving Castle on Saturday 27th at 2:30. All films are in Japanese with English subtitles.

Personally, I'm planning to go along to the first two, but I'll be at the Canberra Show during the Howl's screening (if all goes the way I plan). Anyone else out there interested?

Oh, by the way - It's all free entry, no bookings required.
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