arrowchan (arrowchan) wrote in canberra_anime,

Magical Girl Club - First Screening

Hi everyone! :)

This is just a quick reminder that the first Magical Girl Club screening
will take place at 12pm tomorrow.

When: Saturday 4th March 2006, 12pm - 4pm
Where: Haydon Allen Tank, ANU Campus
What: Akazukin Chacha OVA1, Mahoujin Guru Guru Movie, Ichigo Mashimaro 1,
Mushi-shi 1, Hana Yori Dango Live Action 1, Gakuen Alice 1

Includes free BBQ lunch and lucky door prizes for members. We will break for
lunch and the draw at around 1pm. For those who have not already signed up,
membership is $5 a year for monthly screenings/events. You do not have to be
an ANU student to join.

We will also be holding a short AGM at the end of the screening. If you are
interested in a position (president/treasurer/secretary) and have not
already talked to me about it, please contact me on

Hope to see plenty of people there tomorrow!

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