sweetdeily (sweetdeily) wrote in canberra_anime,

Chibi AU 2009!?!?

Hey all, I'll be posting this message around the internet world for
the next few days, so please bare with us if you've already seen this:

This year a few of the exec will be endeavoring to make chibi.au 2009
not just a little glimmer of hope in your dreams of chocolate and
sweet promises- but a reality!

These highly developmental plans are looking at early October for a
date (sat 3rd or 10th).

We're looking for volunteers to help out in this one-day event;
currently we have two exec prepared to be committed to this task, but
we need more people for the event to run at all! So if you'd like to
volunteer, please send an email to sweetdeily@gmail.com or give me a
call on 0434986427 any time of the day (or night)

Thanks guys!

-Kristy, graphics designer.
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